Service Times
Sundays 8:30AM + 11:00AM • Wednesdays 7:00PM (on Summer Break)

Midweek at Destiny Church

Starting Wednesday, February 1st at 7:00pm

women's bible study

Study: The Lord Is My Shepherd

A New Study on Psalm 23
In this Bible Study, we are going to take a portion of scripture that is well loved, but possibly not as well “lived,” and bring the truth into an opportunity for spiritual growth through personal application.
men's bible study

Study: Turn It Upside Down

Twelve disciples of Jesus took a risk and changed the world. In this 15-week study, we will learn about the followers of Jesus, with all their faults, strengths, and challenges.

We need bold and courageous men to confront culture and bring the Kingdom fo Heaven to Earth. Join us on the study, and become a disciple of Jesus.
biblical citizenship study

Study: We the People

In a climate where political, social, and cultural issues seem to rattle the pews of churches across America, the need to know one's history is paramount.  We the People is a 15-session study that explores truth, American history, and what it means to be a Biblical citizen. You'll end up with a deep understanding of the American experiment, the United States Constitution, and Biblical clarity on some of the most important issues facing our society.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Midweek? 
Find community, Biblical teaching, and something for the whole family at Destiny's Midweek experience starting Wednesday, February 1st! Structured like a small group and built around the family, you'll be challenged to live a life that honors the Word of God and connect with some amazing people along the way.
Do I have to register to attend? 
The Women's, Men's, and Civics studies require registration to attend. These studies have accompanying material, and we need to know how much to order. Children, preteen, and student ministries do not require registration before-hand.
Can I attend Midweek online?
Both men's and women's ministries offer online options as part of their studies. Please call the church office at (916) 780-2273 for more information.
The Women's Bible Study is full. What do I do?
If you are attempting to register for the Women's Bible Study, there is a chance it might be full. We recommend registering for the morning session (Wednesdays at 9:30AM) or registering for the Biblical Citizenship class.

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