We Became Family

January 19, 2021

My husband, my son and I started attending Destiny in June of 2017. Almost a year after we had lost our youngest son Braede. He was 10 years old and passed away from a seizure in his sleep. Our world had been turned upside down. My other son, Caiden, and I prayed for the Lord to breathe life into him as the paramedics showed up. But that did not happen. My faith was shaken. We had been in the middle of looking for a new home church before Braede passed away.

We had visited Destiny once before. About a year after he passed away, my husband and son wanted to go back to church. My son wanted to visit Destiny again. I was not ready,  I was so, so angry.  I’d been a believer my whole life, I couldn’t understand why God didn’t answer our prayers, to breathe life back into him. I ended up going with them, but I sat there angry! I wouldn’t stand to worship, I just sat there with my arms folded so angry, hurt and crying. It was a lot of babies steps for me, but I eventually was able to worship again. My son was introduced to the youth pastor at the time. His enthusiasm for Caiden to attend youth camp the very next week was just what Caiden needed. He has since been a huge part of the youth group, and youth group leadership. My husband and I have since become youth leaders. We have had the honor of going on two youth missions trips to Ecuador. Our first trip to Ecuador, we wanted to do as a family in honor of my son Braede. But we fell in love with the people and the kids, and decided to go again. Being involved here at Destiny,  has brought so much healing to our family. I always tell people, we will always have the pain of our loss, but attending Destiny, saved my family. Thank you for all that you do!