Healed from Migraines

May 7, 2021

I had been dealing with severe migraines and pain all over my body at night when I went to bed! Plagued with Insomnia & demonic spiritual attacks. I’ve been praying and believing God for a miracle healing, for me to be set free from these physical attacks. I told God I wasn’t going to stop praying until I got healed & delivered! I went to Mario Murillo's Modesto revival. God told me there to keep coming to his revival’s! I came to his revival in Rocklin. And on the last day, I told God, thank you for your healing and that I would wait for Mario to call my healing out!! He called another lady up first who was having migraines & Insomnia and pain in her jaws!! My first thought was, God! That’s me! The migraines and insomnia part!! So the other lady went up to the stage and was being healed! I kept thanking Jesus for my healing and kept saying, “Lord, I will wait my turn”, and thanked him for healing the lady who was on the stage. I kept praising & thanking Jesus, and kept saying, “I’ll wait for him to call mine out”! Not actually thinking that he would. Right after that, Mario Murillo turned to the audience and said, there’s another lady having the same kind of symptoms as this lady is, it’s not exactly the same, but it’s similar!! I thought wow, that could be me!! He kept looking in my direction and saying, come up front to get healing! I had my hand up right before he said that, then after he pointed in my direction, I put my hand down!! He even said, the lady who put her hand up then put it down! I felt like God was looking right at me thru his eyes, so then I knew it was for me! The helpers up front were walking back to the area where I was, but I was still thinking, is this for me!? Then, I knew it was when just as the lady helper started coming towards me, I began to feel shaky! They walked me up to the front!! After I told Mario what I was being healed from, I began to get overcome with the power of the Holy Spirit! Then I knew for sure, that healing was for me! I fell down to the ground trembling and thanked Jesus over and over and cried and was so happy and so moved by the holy spirits loving, healing touch!!!