Service Times
Sundays 8:30AM + 11:00AM • Wednesdays 7:00PM (on Summer Break)

The House Young Adults

1st Three Thursdays at 7:00PM • Destiny Community Center



The singular purpose of our services is to EQUIP this ministry of young adults. All of us have questions about faith, relationships, theology, practical application - or sometimes we just need someone to give perspective through the Word of God for a challenging time or situation!
The House has 1 big hangout on the 2nd Thursday of every month. The goal of our hangouts is to bring our community together to fellowship, have fun, and get to know one another in a very intentional way. Details on upcoming events are posted regularly on The House Instagram page.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

When do you meet?
We meet the First 3 Thursdays of every month. Throughout the month – we have community hangouts, serving opportunities, and all church gatherings.
What is the age range? 
18-27 years old (college/career, dating, engaged, married)
What is the vision for The House?
Our vision and desire for young adults in this region is very simple: “We are disciples that create disciples.” (Matthew 28) Our overall goal and passion is to create fully devoted disciples of Christ that are empowered in their purpose and spiritual gifts, uphold the standard of God’s word, and foster an environment of God honoring fellowship and leadership.
What can I expect from attending? 
Discipleship: Teaching and equipping of your faith through biblically accurate teaching, mentorship, and accountability.

Community: Establish God honoring friendships that will walk with you in this journey of life.

Worship: Engage the presence of God in a community of like minded believers.

Serving: We are a part of the “Body of Christ” – we lead by how we serve our Church!

Our Crew


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