Service Times
Rocklin: Sundays 8:30AM + 11:00AM • Sacramento: Sundays 10:30AM

Men of Destiny

The Men of Destiny provides an opportunity for men who are passionate and hungry for the things of God to connect with each other!

wednesdays 7:00pm

Midweek at Destiny

The Men of Destiny provides an opportunity for men who are passionate and hungry for the things of God to connect with each other! Our men can count on experiencing the presence of God, while being filled, inspired, challenged, and encouraged with the Word!

Conquer Group

The Conquer Group is a men's class that will meet for 10 weeks while studying the "Conquer" series, in order to equip men on how to overcome the battles of sexual sin such as pornography, premarital sex, affairs, lust, and more.
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Discipleship Class

The Men of Destiny will be kicking off a new opportunity for Men’s Discipleship. This ministry is for men who desire to grow in the Spirit, dive deeper into their identity and calling, while building lasting relationships in the Kingdom! This will be 12 weeks of in-depth scriptural teaching, while utilizing a study book, praying and fellowshipping with other men, and being led in the Spirit.
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will I be able to get to grow in Christ both individually and in community with other Men of God?
Yes! We do not sit theatre style seating like on a Sunday service, but instead we sit at tables with around 6-9 men. Therefore, the Men have an opportunity to be edified and learn, but also to share and edify others around them.
What is the service format for the Men of Destiny?
In the Men of Destiny, we will go into some deep and rich teaching of God’s Word based on the series or new study that has been chosen. Since we sit at tables, we provide prayer time for the men to share prayer requests and pray for each other. We also set aside discussion time for our men to engage and talk about the topic and scriptures for each night. Often, we will also have a short time of Worship in service as well.
How many weeks does the Men of Destiny studies last, and what do you offer when the Men of Destiny are on a break?
In the Spring we have studies that usually go around 15-16 weeks and then we will take a break in the summer, and then we restart a new study in the fall that typically goes for 11-12 weeks before we break for the Holidays. In the summer, or other parts of the year, we will also offer events, conferences and other classes for men to join.
Do we offer any additional classes and resources just for Men?
Yes, we also have a Single Dad’s Ministry (Dad’s not married who have children of any age), Keys to Freedom for Men (helping with inner healing from pain or trauma), Conquer Series (equipping and freedom from bondage of porn), and Men’s Discipleship (where men can mature even more in Christ). For any info on these ministries please email Pastor Davin Johnson at

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